• ask good questions

  • identify search terms in our questions

  • take notes as key words and phrases

  • present our research in Google Slides

  • work collaboratively

  • act on feedback

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History of Rugby

Great links

Choose a country in the Rugby World Cup.

What would you like to find out about your chosen country?

Or you could choose 2 or more and compare them?

How can you present your inquiry?

Focus question:
  • What is the role of music in the culture of the country you have chosen?
    • Traditional and modern music.
    • Music & musicians in society
    • Local/ National musicians- are there any famous musicians?
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Does your family have a piece of music or an musical instrument that is of special importance to them?
  • Did your ancestors take their music or instruments with them if/when they travelled to their new homelands?