You could use a small amount of ... modelling clay or plasticine, pipe-cleaners, beads, ribbon, glossy magazines to use for collage- what else could you use?? - be creative! Keep it simple!
I will give you wire and tin foil. Bring in Week 9.
Giacometti Figures
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Surreal self portraits

Draw some cartoon animals!

Dream catcher


Who was Hundertwasser?




Become and artist
Eileen Agar


Surrealist art is dedicated to expressing the imagination as revealed in dreams, free of the conscious control of reason and convention.
The two best known surrealist artists are Salvador Dali andRene Magritte, both of whom created dream inspired images full of unusual juxtapositions.

What symbols can you find in the world that you have some connection with?
What is a symbol?
Each has a meaning.
Choose 5 different symbols- draw and write a short explanation of what they mean.
Present it on an A4 sheet of paper- drawings with their meaning neatly written underneath.