New Zealand River and Stream Life
Photograph of a feather-winged beetle
Photograph of a feather-winged beetle

Stream and River LIfe

Eels and others!

Eels- the short and full story


Fresh water quality

What lives in the Waikato River?

What lives where?

NZ Freshwater Invertebrates

Choose a bug!
Bugs here mean a living creature in a stream or river
Choose a bug from links below.
  • What is special about your chosen creature? What can you find out about them?
  • What conditions do they like to live in- what is their ideal habitat?
  • Sketch and label your creature.
Be patient as some of the links do not work as the Auckland Council has taken over everything now. Some links do work so keep looking- lots of interesting information.


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external image worms-tn.jpg

Macroinvertebrate fact files

Which of the above groups do these microinvertebrates belong in?