Persuasive Writing



Choose a topic
If you cannot decide, put some ideas down as a start and look at which topic interests you the most.
Have a look at ideas below.
Can you find enough info on your topic?
Make a decision!
Put it on a Google doc as below.
Week 1

What is your thesis?

What are you trying to persuade people to do or believe?

Add 3 sources of information- as a link (insert- link - paste link in)
Boolify your search to narrow down what results you get.
Share with Mrs F.

Week 2 speeches homework
Add to Google doc:
3+ sources links
List as many reasons as you can by reading through your information.
List the reasons...
then put them in order - most important first on your Google doc.

Some Persuasive Topics - think of your own if you can.
62 Topics- quick ones! For writing Oreos to practice with!

Click this link to find some ideas Speech
Zoos are good/bad for preservation of animals (go with the option you are convinced with)

The break times should be longer

Benefits of homework

Education is important

Save the planet

Don't give in to peer pressure

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Smoking is bad for health

Uniforms should/should not be made compulsory (go with the option you are convinced with)

Be a vegetarian

Treat obesity seriously

It's important to learn a second language

Do some research to find some information- facts, evidence, examples etc to support your reasons.

Think of opinions, reasons and examples why we should believe or do what you are trying to persuade us to do.
Reasons: (4-5)

Each reason will be a new paragraph and the reason will be the topic sentence/first sentence of paragraph.

Persuasive writing Look at this page to see how an argument is written.

Checklist for Persuasive Writing

Persuasive texts come in many different forms.

Their main purpose is to persuade the reader to see an argument
from their point of view and change their mind or support something.

üAn introductory paragraph that states the argument

üWords and phrases like …

Some believe that…

In my opinion…



For this reason…

I feel that..


I am sure that…



It is certain…

üEach paragraph states a reason or opinion and then is followed by 2 or 3 pieces of evidence to support it.

üHas facts that support the evidence given.

üAsk the reader questions that encourages them to think.

üA strong concluding paragraph that sums up the main argument.

Drafting an argument